Small Circle of friends "Radio Studio75" vol.149.

Small Circle of Friendsのラジオ番組 :「Radio Studio75.VOL.149」2019年 8月末on airを更新しました!ON AIR曲をmixcloudにもUP。updated our radio program. 


Small Circle of Friendsのラジオ番組「Radio Studio75」

detective TAKEI FUMIRA.  5」2ndのこと。

場所を「Anchor」のpod castに変え、4回目のオンエアです。


Radio show "Radio STUDIO 75" of "Small Circle of Friends"
"Anchor" has started distribution.
It will be delivered to "spotify" and "Apple Podcasts" ,
"google pod cast" soon so you can listen conveniently and anytime.
The previous broadcast was deleted due to a bug.
We will update it again.

have fun!

Radio.studio75 vol.149

1. ST75 / NANA-GO means seventy-five

2. detective Takei Fumira. / アイラヴユー  (I love you)

3. detective Takei Fumira. / めぐり逢い  (An Affair to Remember)

5. Rejoicer / Purple T Shirts

6. Monte Booker / Interstellar

7. Jean Jacques Perrey / E.V.A.

8. Patrice Rushen / Didn't You Know

9. Minnie Riperton / I'm In Love Again

10. Skyy / Let Love Shine 

11. detective Takei Fumira. / も一度探偵  (Detective again)

12. Cal Tjader / Invitation

13. Yuk. / A side