Small Circle of friends "Radio Studio75" vol.157.

Small Circle of Friendsのラジオ番組 :「Radio Studio75.VOL.157」2020年04月末オンエア更新しました!

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Small Circle of Friendsのラジオ番組「Radio Studio75」


「Radio Studio75 no157」は下に貼っています。


Radio show "Radio STUDIO 75" of "Small Circle of Friends"
"Anchor" has started distribution.

It will be delivered to "spotify" and "Apple Podcasts" ,
"google pod cast" soon so you can listen conveniently and anytime.
The previous broadcast was deleted due to a bug.
We will update it again.

have fun!

1. ST75 / NANA-GO means seventy-five

2. detective Takei Fumira. / インナースペース  (KASUMI_s internal space)

3. detective Takei Fumira. / チクワ探偵張り込み中  (Detective CHIKUWA on a stakeout mission)

4. Gary Bartz / Music Is My Sanctuary

5. Yuji Noto / Calling You

6. Kings Of Convenience / The Weight Of My Words_Four Tet Remix

7. Gold Panda / Same Dream China

8. Small Circle of Friends / Message

9. The Rainstick Orchestra / Anchorage

10. Laidbook / Ponta de Areia

11. Small Circle of Friends / SO FINE

12. Floating Points / Les Apix Dub

13. Floating Points / Falaise